Monday – Through the Haast Pass to Fox Glacier

Hawea to Fox

We left the campsite at Hawea early, snapping this shot of a dawn fisherman as we were striking camp.

Dawn fisherman on Lake Hawea

We headed down the southern tip of the lake just the check out the view…

Lake Hawea from the South Shore

… and then drove up the west shore of the lake …

… and at ‘The Neck’ we left Lake Hawea …

Lake Hawea at The Neck

and joined up with the eastern shore of Lake Wanaka.

From the top of Lake Wanaka you enter the valley of the Makarora river and follow it up through the Haast Pass. Beautiful scenery, and we just had to stop off at numerous places along the way to snap a few waterfalls and so on. Here’s a shot of the Fantail falls half way along the pass. We also stopped at the Thunder Creek falls and the Roaring Billy, as well as the Blue Pools.

The Fantail Falls, along the Haast Highway

After taking so long getting through the pass (and little wonder with scenery like this…)

Haast Pass - just another typical spectacular view.

it was getting close to tea time by the time we passed through Haast itself, and we still had a ways to go, so it was foot down to Fox Glacier where we treated ourselves to a room in the lodge at the camping ground and a long hot shower 🙂


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